Where Do I Find My Credit Score?

People often want to know what their credit score is but don’t know where they can find it. There are quite a few different sources to go to. There are definitely some sources to stay away from also. So the question is where do I find my credit score?

The Best Place to Find My Credit Score

The first place I would go is to AnnualCreditReport.com. This is a site set up by the government where you can access your credit reports for free once a year. But you asked where can I find my credit score, not my reports. While are checking out your reports you can also order your scores from three main credit bureaus. This is the cheapest way I’ve found and they will run you about seven or eight dollars from each bureau.

A Little More Expensive

The next sources I would recommend is MyFico.com or going straight to TransUnion.com, Equifax.com, or Experian.com. They will each sell you a report and score from a single bureau for around $15. There may be different deals going on at different sites so check around first to make sure you the most for your money. I recommend this method if you have already used the first method for the year. These companies are also trustworthy and will respect your credit card information.

Don’t Do This

I would avoid this method when finding your credit score. I would bet you’ve commercials or ads on the Internet about free credit reports. They may start out free but they take your credit card information before you get to view your credit reports and scores. After a trial period of a week or so you’re automatically enrolled in a service that they provide. I’ve heard stories about how difficult it is to get them to stop billing your card. Some of these companies are outright scams, so be careful.

When I want to find my credit score I use one of the top two methods above. There may be other ways to get your credit scores but I would be careful with who I gave my information out to.

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