Fixing Your Credit: The Handyman’s Guide

Okay, it’s official your credit is broken and you need to know how to fix it. There are some practical ways to go about fixing your credit that will have you back up and running financially in no time. Well not no time, but quickly.

Steps to Fixing Your Credit

Re-establish your credit

Fixing Your CreditYes, it’s true if your credit has been damaged not everyone is going to be running to give you a credit card, but in order to reestablish your credit, you will need to develop healthy credit lines that have a good payment history as opposed to your previous experiences. Consider a secured credit card, even though this may seem like an inconvenience this will do wonders in repairing your credit, and it will only be for a short period of time.

Be honest about your credit

If you have credit problems pull your credit so you know exactly where you’re at. Yes, it might be messy and difficult to look at, but you’ll never know what to fix until you take a good hard look at your situation and start with one thing at a time.

Settle overdue collections and accounts

Pay any and all overdue collections and accounts. It will be nearly impossible to get credit until these are paid. Offer a settlement plan through a written letter or enlist the help of a credit repair specialist to help you rectify these problems and begin fixing your credit.

When you’re denied, ask why

When you’re denied credit, ask why. A bank or creditor can probably give you ideas on how you can fix your credit to meet their guidelines and obtain credit. A lot of friendly bankers can give you advice for free and it will be cheaper than using a credit counselor.

Fixing Your Credit Takes Time

Doing the right things over and over again will produce positive results. If you get in the habit of doing healthy things with your finances eventually you will see your credit score improved. Remember banks and creditors want to lend you money they just want to know they’ll get it back!

Even the messiest situations with the right habits and right behavior can be fixed. Even more important is the fact that even the most financially unfit people today can change their future and benefit from a healthy credit score by learning to fix their credit with the above small tips. Most importantly, take a look at why your credit needs to be fixed and determine today not to get into the situation again.

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