Identity Protection Service Reviews 2020

Identity theft, unfortunately, is very common these days. The Internet has made it easier than ever for criminals to get your personal information, passwords, and other things they shouldn’t have. There are major security breaches it seems like every month. Big companies (such as Equifax losing just about every American adult’s credit profile) with your info getting hacked. That’s where our identity protection service reviews come in.

While you can never protect yourself 100% there are things you can do to keep safer. An identity protection service watches out for unusual credit applications, transactions and more to try to spot a thief before they can do damage. Many also offer ways to resolve issues if the thief already committed the crime.

Below you can read more about our top identity protection services.

Identity Protection Service Reviews


LifeLock is by far the best-known identity protection company. They do a great job but they have gotten into a lot of hot water in the past with the government for overstating what they can do.

LifeLock Review

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IdentityForce is one of the oldest identity protection services we’re aware of. They were founded in 1978. They have a lot of good reviews but there are some vocal complaints as well.

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Identity Guard

Identity Guard is another good provider of identity protection services. They use IBMs Watson to help protect your identity, though only for certain packages. We’re not really sure if this helps but it sounds good.

Identity Guard Review

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ID Watchdog

ID Watchdog is not as big as some of the top companies but they offer many of the same protections for a bit less than most of the competitors.

id watchdog review

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