Jackson Hewitt Review: Online Tax Software 2020

Jackson Hewitt reviewJackson Hewitt is a highly recognizable name in tax preparation thanks to their 6,300+ physical locations across the country. 3,000 of them are in Wal-Marts so you can get your refund then buy a giant TV (we kid, sort of). They’ve been around since 1995 and you can also do your taxes with their software without every going into a store. Read our Jackson Hewitt review to learn how they compare to the competition.

Jackson Hewitt Pros & Cons


  • Good design and easy to use with interview style questions
  • Email and chat support is included


  • Free version is limited to 1040EZ only
  • There is no audit support for online users

Jackson Hewitt Review

Jackson Hewitt is the biggest brick and mortar competitor of H&R Block. Chances are you’ve seen their stores. Their online software is quite similar in price and functionality as well.


The Jackson Hewitt tax preparation software is well designed and has easy to follow interview questions. On the left, you’ll see a running tally of what you are due or own and at the top, there is a banner to let you know where you are in the process.

The software is online so you can access it from a computer anywhere you can hook up to the Internet. You’re also able to import W-2s and last years taxes. It is missing a 1099 import, a charitable donation help function and some of the planning calculators found in other programs.

There is a searchable knowledge base but we didn’t find it to be as helpful as that of TurboTax or H&R Block.


Overall the cost of Jackson Hewitt was about the same as that of TurboTax and H&R Block and quite a bit more than the budget competitors. For what you’re paying it seems to be missing a few of the important features, as we listed above.

Below you’ll find the prices of the Jackson Hewitt packages:

Jackson Hewitt Packages and Prices

Free Federal: $0
State: $29.95
File your 1040EZ for free (if eligible) and you get free email and chat support.
BasicFederal: $34.95
State: $39.95
You can file a Schedule C-EZ which is good for light freelance work. You won't be able to do mortgage interest or dependents though.
Deluxe Federal: $54.95
State: $39.95
Good for homeowners, families and investors. It can handle property taxes, investments, dependants and property tax.
PremiumFederal: $79.95
State: $39.95
This is the version for the self-employed and business owners. You also get access to phone support.


While the knowledge base isn’t as great as the high-end competition they make up for it with the email and live chat support. If you need extra, extra help you can go to one of their store locations but this is not included in any of the package prices.

The support is good but it’s only available during the week on Eastern Time business hours. So if you work a 9 to 5 job it might be a little hard to find a good time.

Audit Protection

Well, this one is easy. There is no audit it support or defense. Nearly every competitor, even the budget ones, have some kind of support at least either paid or included in the price. Audit support prepares you for an audit while audit defense is actual representation before the IRS.

Now you’re probably not getting audited, especially if you have no reason to suspect it. But this is a big missing feature when compared to the competition. If you’re worried about an audit Jackson Hewitt’s online product isn’t for you.

Getting Your Refund

You can get your refund direct deposited into your bank account, sent by paper check in the mail, or added to an American Express Serve prepaid debit card. You’re also able to have it applied to your next year’s taxes or have the IRS purchase U.S. savings bonds with your refund.

You can also opt to pay for Jackson Hewitt out of your refund but there is a $34.95 charge on top of the purchase price.

Jackson Hewitt Reviews From Around the Web

Better Business Bureau3 out of 5 stars 3/5 - 3 Reviews
Nerd Wallet3 out of 5 stars 3/5
PC Mag2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5/5

Business Contact and Profile for Jackson Hewitt

Name:Jackson Hewitt
Phone:(800) 234-1040
Address:10 Exchange Pl Fl 27
Jersey City, NJ 07302-3922
Business Started:1986
Type of Business:Tax Return Preparation
Principal:Mr. David P. Prokupek, CEO
BBB Accreditation:This organization is not BBB accredited with a B- rating

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