Rise Credit Review: Are They Really Different? 2020

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Rise Credit ReviewRise Credit is one of the newest short-term lenders. They started in 2014 and are based in Fort Worth, Texas. As their name suggests they jumped on the same credit boosting hype train as LendUp. But Rise Credit didn’t make as many big promises and didn’t run afoul of the CFPB. They have a free service called Credit Score Plus, which is explained in the services section below.

They also deal in higher dollar amount, $500 to $5,000 installment loans. Sounds great and all but this is still an incredibly expensive loan.

Rise Credit is a direct lender with no storefronts.

What States Does Rise Credit Lend To?

Rise Credit currently operates in the following states: Alabama, California, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.

What Services Does Rise Credit Offer?

  • Installment loans
  • Credit Score Plus – This product is free with the use of Rise Credit. It allows you to see your TransUnion credit score and get notifications on changes in your credit. It’s a nice bonus.

What Does the Rise Credit BBB Page Say?

The Rise BBB page is actually pretty decent for a short-term lender. They have more reviews than most, we think because they are online only and their base is used to leaving online reviews. Rise has 14 positive reviews, 18 negative and 91 total complaints.

They have an A+ currently. You can view the BBB page here.

What’s the Deal With Rocky?

Rise Credit Rocky
Yes! I got a really expensive loan!

The short answer is we don’t know.

A few years ago Rise launched a huge marketing campaign and the foundation was a commercial with Rocky. It was the famous scene where he runs up the stairs and everyone loves him and such.

It was just really odd that MGM let Rise use this footage, probably the best-known scene from the whole series. They put up a good front but they are still a high-interest, short-term lender.

It doesn’t seem like they are still associated and it’s actually hard to find a lot of info about.

Business Contact and Profile for Rise Credit

Name:Rise Credit
Phone:(866) 580-1226
Address:4150 International Plaza Ste 300
Fort Worth, TX 76109
Business Started:2014
Type of Business:Loans & Credit Services
Principal:Mr. Ken Rees, CEO
BBB Accreditation:This business is not accredited with the BBB and has an A+.

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