Sample Credit Dispute Letters

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Below are several sample credit dispute letters. Fill in your information and adapt them to your needs.

Note: Always remember to include a photocopy of your driver’s license, state-issued ID, or U.S. passport and a copy of your social security card, pay stub, W-2 or a recent utility bill. Only 2 forms of ID are required.

Don’t forget to provide proof if you have it!

Keep a copy for your files and send the letter registered mail.

Your Name
123 Your Street Address
Your City, ST 01234

The Credit Bureau
Bureau Address
Anytown, State 56789


Dear Credit Bureau,

This letter is a formal complaint that you are reporting inaccurate credit information.

I am very distressed that you have included the below information in my credit profile due to its damaging effects on my good credit standing. As you are no doubt aware, credit reporting laws ensure that bureaus report only accurate credit information. No doubt the inclusion of this inaccurate information is a mistake on either your or the reporting creditor’s part. Because of the mistakes on my credit report, I have been wrongfully denied credit recently for a, which was highly embarrassing and has negatively impacted my lifestyle.

optional – With the proof I’m attaching to this letter, I’m sure you’ll agree it needs to be removed ASAP.

The following information therefore needs to be verified and deleted from the report as soon as possible:

CREDITOR AGENCY, acct. 123-34567-ABC
Please delete the above information as quickly as possible.


your signature

Your Name
SSN# 123-45-6789
Attachment included.

Don’t forget to provide proof if you have it!

Keep a copy for your files and send the letter registered mail.

[City,St ZIP]

Social Security number: [XXX-XX-XXXX]
Date of birth: [XX/XX/19XX]



Dear Credit Reporting Agency,

Please provide evidence that the following account belongs on my report and that my rights have not been abrogated. In the event that none exists, please delete this damaging account.

Account Name, Account #######

Your report or confirmation number (if available).


Re: Credit report error

Dear Sir or Madam:

I have discovered inaccurate information on my credit report maintained by [credit agency name]. The report is in my name [enter your full name here] and my Social Security number is [enter your Social Security number here].

Enclosed, please find a copy of my credit report containing the mistaken data. I have highlighted the errors. Specifically, the following information is in wrong:

If you have any questions about my request or the credit information in question, please do not hesitate to call me [at work or home phone number, depending upon when you would prefer to discuss the matter].

Thank you for your prompt attention to my request.

[Your Signature]
[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State and Zip Code]

Your Name
Your Address

Collection Agency’s Name
Collection Agency’s Address


Re: Account # xxxxxxx

Your company is reporting the above-referenced account on my credit report as a collection account. I have disputed this item with the credit reporting agency and they reported you confirmed the account as valid.

In a good faith effort to resolve the matter amicably, I must demand proof of this debt, specifically the alleged contract or other instrument bearing my signature, as well as proof of your authority in this matter. Absent such proof, you must correct any erroneous reports of this past debt as mine.

I must ask you to provide the following information:

1. Please evidence your authorization under 15 USC 1692(e) and 15 USC 1692(f) in this alleged matter.
2. What is your authorization of law for your collection of information?
3. What is your authorization of law for your collection of this alleged debt?
4. Please evidence your authorization to do business or operate in this state.
5. Please evidence proof of the alleged debt, including specifically the alleged contract or other instrument bearing my signature.
6. Please provide a complete account history, including any charges added for collection activity.

You have thirty (30) days from receipt of this notice to respond. Your failure to respond, on point, in writing, hand signed, and in a timely manner, will work as a waiver to any and all of your claims in this matter, and will entitle me to presume that you placed this on my credit report(s) in error and that this matter is permanently closed. Provide the proof, or correct the record and remove this invalid debt from all sources to which you have reported it to.

For the purposes of 15 USC 1692 et seq., this Notice has the same effect as a dispute to the validity of the alleged debt and a dispute to the validity of your claims. This Notice is an attempt to correct your records, and any information received from you will be collected as evidence should further action be necessary. This is a request for information only, and is not a statement, election, or waiver of status.


To Whom It May Concern:

I recently pulled my credit report from Experian and TransUnion and to my amazement, saw that you recently have decided to report me 30 days late on this account in Nov 2009. I immediately disputed this information with Experian and TransUnion and the results of the investigation came back “verified”. Not only was I never late on this account, but according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), as the information furnisher, you are required to notify me of the insertion of negative listings.

Since I have disputed the lates with the credit bureaus, and you obviously “verified” them, I am very curious as to what kinds of “records” you may have for this alleged account. Under the FCRA, you are required to conduct an investigation on this account if I request it. I therefore am submitting my written request to you to conduct an investigation. Per the FCRA, you have 30 days to conduct this investigation and respond to my request. If you do not respond within this time period, per the FCRA, you must remove this negative information.


Your Name

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