Tax Debt Relief Service Reviews 2020

Being in debt to the IRS is not good. There are lots of reasons you could get behind on your taxes and own money. But one thing is for sure, the IRS will get the money you owe them. Their powers to collect are far greater than what a typical company or collection agency can do.

Luckily there are options to help get you out of debt. Granted you’re probably still going to owe the IRS money (they aren’t likely to forgive your debt entirely) and the company you hire but you can still save money.

Read our tax debt relief service reviews below to find out more about each company.

Tax Debt Relief Service Reviews

Optima Tax Relief

Optima is the big name in the tax debt game. While they charge a hefty fee (most do) they can help save you money and the stress of having the IRS after you.

Optima Tax Relief Review

Read the Full Optima Tax Relief Review

Tax Defense Partners

Tax Defense Partners are one of the newer tax relief providers around. Their reviews seem to be a mix of very good and very bad.

tax defense partners reviewRead the Full Tax Defense Partners Review


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